About Us


We are Realty Company where Quality work is the essential hallmark of a trustworthly organization leading to a strong relationship. At Bhoomivikas Infra Realty Pvt Ltd we are commited to it

We are hardworking team that Believes in doing everything to the Best standards. We know that buying a plot (site) is a long cherised dream of an entire one Family. Our greatest achievement is making our customers dream of their owning a site in to Realty

We at Bhoomivikas never give offers we always stand for our commitments

Mission - We Strive, We Give, We Give and We Give

We strive to give you, your envisioned perfect place.
When we give you our best, we gain your trust.

Our Vision

An infrastructure is the concrete that holds lives and aspirations of thousands of families. At Bhoomivikas we give life to the structure with our innovative designs and thoughtful facilities.

Our Vision is to provide a lively environment for healthy & sumptuous neighborhood with trustfully adorned and well, thought of amenities.

Our Progresses

Shirdi Sai Nagar
Shraddha City
Vishwavidhyanilay Layout
Akshay Phase - I


  • Address: 1st Floor Yogeshwari Plaza
    New Vittal Mandir Road, Vijayapur
  • Email: info@bhoomivikas.com
  • Website: www.bhoomivikas.com
  • Call: 08352-258888